don’t you just hate it

when you try to call the Lord,

but He won’t answer


you know He called first

and left you a nice message,

“i love you…call soon!”


when its convenient

you call back to make some plans.

“hello, this is God…”


you start to ramble

thinking you got His machine

“sorry i missed you!


i feel terrible…

life has been so crazy here…

i feel overwhelm’d…


i wish you were here…

if you cared you’d help me out…

i’m just so alone…


if You’re real, show me

well, get back to me sometime.”

and CLICK, you hang up


you forgot one thing

God doesn’t take messages

He always picks up.


He’s speaking to you…

if we’ll listen more than talk

we’ll hear words of life.


He speaks in the Word;

there are countless messages

of encouragement.


His Word lights our path

He says He will never leave,

and we can trust Him.