the Laras make room…

at holidays and year-round,

it’s a tradition.


the kitchen has room,

for kids and new recipes…

no one works alone.


we like new faces,

seated around the table…

always room for more.


we are a safe place,

for the young and young at heart,

to just be themselves.


i want to pass on,

to my children and dear friends,

“making room is good…


still, this remember,

in the hustle and bustle…

make room for Jesus.”


My dear girls, 

    in the Lord’s Prayer (Luke 11:2-4), Jesus showed how He makes room for us when He said, “Our Father…” He was God’s one and only Son until God sent Him to Earth to be the way for all people to come to the Father.

   Have you ever wished, you had no siblings and could have all of your parents’ attention? I’m glad Jesus didn’t have this attitude…in John 14:2, Jesus even says, “there is more than enough room in my Father’s house.” 

    And so, since Jesus made room at the table for us, we should, in turn, make room for Him in our lives. (This should not look the same as when your mom instructs you to take a younger sister along with you when you’re going out to hang with friends…if anything, we are the tag along siblings 😊)

    Practically speaking, this looks like spending time reading His words in the Bible, listening to His voice in prayer, and making choices throughout your day that would make Him proud, like showing love to your family. In essence, Jesus doesn’t want to be an afterthought…He actually deserves preeminence (Colossians 1:18).

    In this holiday season of thankfulness and togetherness, make sure you have room in your heart for Jesus.

with love,