it may take a storm

to show you your foundation…

built on Rock or sand.


when there is no wind

you look like ev’ryone else,

both strong and upright.


but, when the storms rage,

a heart anchored in Jesus

continues to stand.


so welcome the storm…

it shows what you are made of

and where your strength lies.


“count it all joy, friends, 

when the unexpected comes;

it will build your faith,” (James 1:2-4 paraphrased).


My dear girls, 

   storms will come into your lives. Is your heart anchored to the solid foundation of God’s Word? When circumstances threaten to steal your peace, do you reach out and grab hold of verses like 2 Corinthians 1:10 or Micah 7:7? God’s grace is sufficient to save you and His grip is strong enough to sustain you.

with love,