God won’t forsake us…

He’s like a stay-at-home mom,

always watching us. (Psalm 11:4, 95:7)


but unlike us moms,

God doesn’t have a closet

to hide from His kids.


He’s never tired

and He doesn’t sneak ice cream

to get through the day. (Psalm 68:19)


God’s always ready to help,

He’ll help you carry your load…

He is strong enough. (Psalm 55:22, 145:14)


don’t be like Satan,

and get on His bad side, (Psalm 68:21)

or mess with His kids. (Psalm 91:9)


My dear girls, 

loving people is not just a hobby for God. He does it full time…and He likes it! He’s always available to come to and be with. I want to be more like Him. ☺️

with love, Mom