let’s talk about God…

God is more than three letters

He is all we need.


take a closer look

and you will see three Persons

He’s more than enough.


but keep zooming in…

the three parts are each complex,

and worthy of praise.


first there’s the Father…

He’s the Alpha, Omega,

Creator of life.


next we see the Son,

who points us to His Father,

bringing Him glory.


then there’s the Spirit,

who weaves it all together,

speaking to our hearts.


but come closer still…

He is the air that we breathe,

our reason to live.


He feeds all creatures

and all things come from His hand…

He cares about you.


He carries the weak

and He comforts the broken…

not just the lovely.


He is a Shepherd,

a Counselor and a King…

a wise, strong leader.


He is a Lion,

He is a bold Warrior,

not afraid to fight.


He’s also the Lamb,

sacrificed instead of us…

His blood paid our debt.


He’s the Prince of Peace,

and He’s the Rock of Ages…

faithful throughout time.


He is our wisdom,

He’s a strong Deliverer,

the calm in our storm.


He is our fortress,

keeping us safe from danger,



He’s a shield too,

protecting us in the fight,

giving strength to stand. (Psalm 144:2)


He is help and hope,

for ev’ry generation…

a firm foundation.


He is your true love,

and closer than family…

He will never leave.


“God, my brain is small…

You don’t fit between my ears…

I can’t measure You.


I just see in part,

like a magnifying glass…

a piece at a time.


You blow me away,

so deserving of my praise,

for all that You are.”


My dear girls, 

I want you to give yourself completely to knowing, loving, and serving God. As King David once wrote, “…You are all I really want in life.” (Psalm 142:5) When you think about it, what do you need that He hasn’t already supplied. If you think of something, feel free to ask Him for it. 

with love, Mom