what do you long for?

when you lay in bed at night

what is your heart’s cry?


do you want a dad

that is always there for you,

and cares for your needs?


do you crave pure love,

passion and intimacy…

a handsome hero?


do you need a friend,

who’s ready for adventure…

and is so much fun?!


God is your Abba, 

your Knight in shining armor,

the Hound of Heaven. 


He’s waiting for you,

and His arms are open wide…

the Lord, three in One.


My dear girls, 

The concept of the Trinity can be very difficult to explain: one God, three persons. But I know there is no limit to what He can do or who He can reach. He isn’t afraid of the dark. When He shows up, it isn’t dark anymore, because He is the Light.

with love, Mom