advice for Christians…

if you want to look diff’rent

you must act diff’rent.


come sit at His feet…

set aside all distractions…

listen to God’s voice.


He’s worthy of praise

so give Him adoration,

give Him your worship.


you say you trust Him,

so tell your fears to “zip it!”

feelings follow faith.


show what you believe…

if you want the world to know

God’s good, follow Him.


praise Him, walk in faith,

spend time focused on His face,

not just on Sundays.


then the watching world

might give God a second glance

because you love Him.


in the same way, wives…

be the first to give respect

to your beloved.


should he be honored?

well, maybe or maybe not…

give it anyway.


wish he were greater

and highly esteemed by all?

be the first in line.


submission is good…

it comes under…and lifts up…

give your man a boost!


and then those around,

who see this phenomenon,

will give him praise too!


My dear girls, 

when you stare at something, those close by will try to see what has your attention…maybe they’d want to look at it as well. When you live your life focused on Jesus, others will be drawn to Him. And when you give respect and honor to your husbands, people will be amazed at what a difference deference makes. 

with love, Mom