have you ever said,

“oh, i have nothing to wear…”

here’s some ideas…


in Colossians 3

God tells us what to put on,

and what to reject.


we must turn our backs

on impurity, lust, greed,

anger, rage, and lies.


we must get rid of

malice, slander, dirty talk…

our sinful nature.


have you picked out clothes

for a child? “it’s perfect…

you’ll look beautiful!”


but they throw a fit…

they want the familiar,

worn-out, ugly stuff.


God is the same way…

“I have new things for you now…

you’ll look beautiful!”


and yet we refuse…

“I like my too-tight ‘sin shoes’,

my mismatched ‘rage socks’…”


“i’ll wear my ‘hate hat’,

my coat of unforgiveness…

i’ll do it myself!”


God waits patiently

with ballet slippers of grace

and a kindness cape…


He calls us to wear

mercy and humility…

and forgiveness too.


spray on love perfume,

put on the peace tiara…

always be thankful.


His ways are better…

He knows what is attractive…

He cares how you look.


My dear girls, 

the quickest way to ruin a beautiful face is with a bad attitude. A plain face with the joy of the Lord is better than wearing all the right makeup, but having a heart full of rage. Set your hearts on the things that God says are beautiful and you will be happy. 

with love,