a hot air balloon

is created for the skies…

just like our children.


it’s made on the ground,

pieced together on purpose,

fashioned for greatness.


it must be laid out

and held down by ropes and weights…

a team is needed.


but the time will come

when the flame is ignited…

the balloon inflates.


the basket will strain…

“let me go…i’m made to fly!”

the team holds it down.


when the time is right,

the checklist is completed,

each rope is released.


who will guide this craft?

Jesus makes the best pilot…

give Him all control.


just like a balloon

our children were made to launch…

and we get to watch.


My dear girls, 

i know that sometimes your craving for independence is more than you can stand. But that is just part of life. In the beginning, your parents did all the work, laying the proper groundwork for your success. We potty trained you & taught you how to get along with others. Then we educated you, taught you to read. We introduced you to Jesus. We gave you the tools that we knew you would need. And now you can almost taste freedom. We want it for you too…and we’ll let you go when the time is right!

with love, Mom