let’s talk about death,

why i believe in Heaven,

and how to get there. 


death comes to us all, 

but it can be a doorway

to see Jesus’ face. 


Jesus conquered death,

and when we give Him our lives

fear of death is gone. 


“but how can this be?!” 

these truths are in the Bible…

belief is a choice. 


i believe one day

i will be ushered into

the throne room of God. 


He will call me near…

i will play His piano…

a sweet song of praise. 


then Jesus will come  

and take my place at the keys…

the music will flow.


and then I will dance… 

and Father God will hold me… 

a holy embrace. 


My dear girls, 

life doesn’t always go as we plan. But remember, as a Christian, this earthly life is as bad as it gets. For the non-Christian, this life on Earth is as good as it gets. When you place your faith in Jesus for the saving of your soul, you will have the hope of unending life with your Creator. The choice is yours.


with love,