are you far from God?

maybe you’ve wandered for years,

or just a few days


 wherever you are,

whether close or very far,

listen to my words:


how long is too long?

turn around now and go home…

His arms are open.


God says, “shut the door! 

leave behind the distractions, 

come away and pray.” (Matthew 6:6) 


My dear girls, 

we need to spend time with our Heavenly Father every day. Not every other day, not just on Sunday…every single day. That is where our power, our peace, and our joy comes from. Stay in His presence. And if you feel the drift start to happen, drop your anchor in His Word; find a promise and stand on it. (e.g. “The Lord is my Shepherd and i have everything i need.” Psalm 23:1)

with love, Mom