if i met a star,

i don’t know what i would say

or what i would do…


my tongue would be tied

and my mind would just go blank

next to the famous…


when i was younger,

and i was called on in class,

i lost the answer…


i hate not knowing,

i want the gift of quick wit,

words under pressure…


but i have no doubt,

if a gun was at my head,

what my words would be.


if i wanted life,

but choosing Jesus meant death,

i know what i’d say…


“death is a doorway…

He waits on the other side…

i am not afraid.”


could you die for Him?

and yet, will you live for Him,

each and every day?


my hope is in Him…

my actions must reflect this…

He is my anchor.


My dear girls,

do you also have this anchor for your soul? do you have the hope of Heaven? i want you to believe, as i do, that Jesus is the only path to eternal life. then, if we were separated by death, we would ultimately be reunited.


with love, Mom