let’s talk about sin…

it’s opposition to God,

and self-reliance.


“i don’t need your help!”

“all i need are brains and brawn!”

“i’ll take what i want!”


God opposes pride,

ignorant rebellion,

and lusts of the flesh.


sure, He’ll forgive you,

but why choose to walk in sin,

and grieve His Spirit?


if i drew a line,

and labeled it ‘sin’ for you,

how close would you get?


if crossing meant death

would you dance along the edge

not planning to fall?


how close would you get?

would you stay in the same room,

with good intentions?


we talk about grace

and know it’s available…

our Father loves us.


but you have a choice…

don’t give in to temptation;

He will give you strength.


*a Spoiler Alert*

the wages of sin is Death…

run from that paycheck!


My dear girls,

before i met your daddy, i chose to stay away from the ‘sin line’. if sex before marriage was a sin then i didn’t want to be anywhere near it. that’s why we waited until we were engaged to hold hands; and we waited until the wedding ceremony for our first kiss. i made this choice, not because i was such a ‘good girl’, but because i knew if there were no boundaries i would end up somewhere i didn’t want to be. God will help you, too, to make choices that please Him.

with love,