My dear girls,

Do you prefer things to be planned out or to happen more spontaneously? I like to watch the events in Genesis and Exodus unfold. It’s like God also planned the end from the beginning.

Captivity and deliverance were foretold to Abraham.

Before famine hit the land, God had already placed Joseph in Egypt to help the family of Israel. 

Before the enslaved Israelites cried out for freedom, God had already been cultivating Moses to be the Deliverer.

Before God asked His people to build a tabernacle in the wilderness, He allowed the Israelites to plunder the Egyptians of their gold, silver, and expensive clothing in order to build this structure.

Many times it seems as though God works at the last minute. We cry, “God, we need You now!” “Lord, You need to intervene immediately!” And it may appear that God is only responding to these emergency prayers. However, I would assert that God has foreseen our anguish and cries for help…and has already set in to motion the series of events that will be an answer to our prayers, and God receives ultimate glory.

Pray with me, “dear Lord, Your ways, purposes, and plans are always higher and greater than mine. Thank You for being the Author and Conductor of my life. I will trust that You will accomplish what You’ve begun in me. Amen.”

with love, Mom

original journal entry 1.24.2012