Photo taken November23, 2012 in Little Rock, AR

Photo taken November23, 2012 in Little Rock, AR

My dear girls, 

From the chapters 9-11 in Genesis we see people wandering without purpose and not in relationship with God. However, God is present and aware of what the people are doing. “But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower the people were building,” (‭Genesis‬ ‭11‬:‭5‬). But somehow, it is always a challenge to get the people’s attention. 

Finally, we see Jesus show up on the scene. In Luke 4:18&19 he says, “the Spirit of the Lord is upon me…” He was God’s plan for reconnection with mankind.

God still offers Good News today. He offers freedom, vision, and favor. It is my choice, it is your choice to receive that, or reject it. It is no secret—we all need a savior. And we can freely have that in Jesus Christ.

Pray with me, “Father God, I receive the free gifts that you offer through Jesus. I want to walk in Your favor as I have a relationship with You. Amen.”

with love, Mom

original journal entry 1.04.2009